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February 28, 2011

The world of Pandora ( By Murron)

  The world of Pandora The world of Pandora is a world of wonder and mystery. It is 4.4 light years from Earth. Alpha Centauri is the solar system of Pandora. Earth is the nearest stellar neighbour to Alpha Centauri and also it is the largest sun of Pandora .Pandora is one of many moons [...]

Non-Chronological report on Pandora!

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Pandora is a world of danger. It is exactly 4.4 lightyear’s away from earth. From earth’s southern hemishere, Pandora is located. Pandora nearest stellerneighbor is Alpha Centauri. The sun of Pandora is Alpha Centauri A( Also known as ACA to astronemer’s) Pandora is one of the many moon’s orbiting a gas planet Polathenus. Pandora has a [...]

November 18, 2010

Komodo dragon!!!!

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The komodo dragon is a carnival, this means it eats meet. Due to its bacteria ridden teeth, it can kill prey by poisoning it, because the bacteria gets into its blood stream, killing it within 24 hours. One important feature of the komodo dragon is its long tongue, which unusually it uses to smell, therefore [...]

October 22, 2010

Our Non-Chronological Reports

Here are some of the Non-Chronological Reports we completed on animals last week. Others will be added as they are typed up. Click on each one to see it open in a viewing frame: The Howler Monkey – by Raja Black Mamba Snake 2 – by Mohammed Camels – by Saleha Giant Panda – by [...]

Peer Assessment for 1:1 Tuition

We are using Voicethread as a tool to help us Peer Assess some good examples (WAGOLL) of Non-Chronological Reports. This is the first time this current Year 6 have used Voicethread in this way and I hope they will be able to explain themselves whilst giving feedback and highlighting good elements of writing. We looked [...]

October 18, 2010

Code Breakers in WW2

In class we have been doing lots of work on WW2 &  non -chronigacal  reports.So we have added them both together and have  written  a non -chronogacal report  on WW2.I hope you engoy it & please comment. Introduction: In WW2 when people  wanted to send letters to there relatives they would use Symbols  or numbers. [...]

October 16, 2010


Sharks are not the same as bony fish such as cod and trout. Sharks are cartilaginous fish. They have skeletons made of cartilage. APPEARANCE HEADS Blunt snouts, pointed snouts, even one covered with teeth… Not every shark looks the same. In fact, nearly species has it’s own head shape. Pig head With it’s blunt head [...]

October 8, 2010

Our Non-Chronological Reports

Year 6 have now completed their Non-Chronological Report writing using VCOP features. Their work can be seen in their Photopeach below and can be heard in their Voicethread below that. Enjoy! Non-Chronological Reports on PhotoPeach You can hear the reports read by the authors themselves below. Not all of the authors have recorded their reports [...]

October 6, 2010

Black Mamba Snake

Weighs up to 1.6kg. Can grow to 14ft. Gets it’s name from the bluey-black colour in it’s mouth which looks like ink. Diet is a carnivore. Eats food such as: Rodents, Birds, Squirrels, Lizards and other mammals. Their habitat is in termite mounds, granite hillocks in moist Savanna and lowland forest. Venom can kill humans. [...]


Scorpions Scorpions are reptiles and can be also called a bug. These creatures are carnivores , which mean they eat at night. Their average life span is from 3 to 8 years in the wild. The average size of a scorpion is 6cm, but the largest one is 21cm. Scientists aren’t sure why, but scorpions [...]

October 5, 2010

non chronological report of Polar Bears by Peter

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In the Arctic region lives the biggest carnivore  the Polar Bear it can swim in the freezing waters. Appearance The polar bear has thick fur which can face those extremely low temperatures in the ice and (Thalactros Maritumus) the fur is about 3cm thick and 2.5 metres along its body weight is 710g average is [...]

Non-chronilogical reports by Akmal

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In school we have been learning about non-chronilogical reports. It means it’s a report which is not in order it includes subheadings, tittle, technical words and factual information. It can be about animal like how much do they weigh? and other things about the animals. If you want more information about non-chronilogical reports u will [...]

October 4, 2010

We started our Non-Chronological Report writing today…

We started our week of Non-Chronological Reports by taking a closer look at them and seeing ‘What A Good One Looks Like’! (WAGOLL) We took a fairly simple Non-Chronological Report about snakes and the pupils identified features that they thought made a good report. The pupils highlighted the report, defaced it with their notes and [...]

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