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June 6, 2011

The battle of Mandira. (Chapter 9-12).

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Chapter 9: I was shown to my room. And all i could say was wow. The hot blazing fire shone and covered the room with a brilliant light. The silk blanket, covered the bed like a beautiful slip of gold.  It was as if there was someone behind the window, shadows hit the floor. Minutes later, after I [...]

May 28, 2011

The Battle of Mandira. (Chapter 6-8)

Chapter 6: I cried in a unexpected time. Linpotaurous murmmed why are you crying. You should be very excited and thank us for picking you for our queen. But we want you to say yes. All the creatures yelled SAY YES! Slowly, turning around, up and beside me all the friendly creatures glared at me. One of [...]

April 12, 2011

Describing a Setting- By Binyameen

Rather cautiously, I pushed the door open just a crack and peeked outside. My eyes caught the misty like view in the distant, cackle when all of a sudden the sky changed. No longer a foogy and smokey place, the sky above was enlightened by the sun which blazed down. I took a step forward [...]

Trapped! By Raja

Jack peered into the underground passage. There was no other option. Slowly, he lowered himself down….. He looked aroud in confusement. He couldn’t see anything. The only thing there were layers of fog surrounding him. As he pushed away the mist, his mind had set adrift. The place was damp,the walls were captured by cobwebs [...]

March 5, 2011

The battle of Mandira. (Chapter 1-5).

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Chapter 1 Well It was another boring day at school. The depressing  teacher was still muttering on about fractions and decimals.  And how to do that and this. She asked a question, the children’s  hands flung up. Like how can they be bothered. I just sat there Bored, and still the teacher was muttering on about fractions and decimals. [...]

February 15, 2011

A Wordle To Represent Words form My Chase Description

Please could you click on this wordle to get a bigger version. This Wordle shows you how many words that I used in my chase, and a the more bigger the words the more I used it. Here is a link to wordle if you want to use it any time http://www.wordle.net

February 8, 2011

The Mist of Survival – By Binyameen

As I glared at my screen on the computer, I focused on every detail of my post. Just around me the warmth made my body relax having a pleasant feeling inside. Still in concentration on my post ( which was my best yet) sounds started to prick my ears. I wondered what it could be? [...]

January 27, 2011

Add some more!!!

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The grass was luminous. It tickled my feet as I walked. The bright colour’s of the forest opened my eyes. Majestic animal’s were to be seen. Water gushed through the rapid stream. At that moment, the parrot talked to me. BANG! Something was heard in the distance. I turned around, and saw……… Your task is [...]

January 16, 2011

The World of Pandora

If you are having viewing problems of the pad below, please use this link to take you to the full screen version.

November 2, 2010

The Misty Night (the opening)

The gloomy sky, whirled around me. The moon ached-acting as if there was nothing holding it up. Everything had suddenly changed. Dark, eerie figures strolled along the wet and muddy surfaces, which ran along the end of the street. Something wasn’t right. My eyes rolled, making me feel kind of uncouncious. Creek! Branches cried in agony, wanting [...]

October 27, 2010

The Ghost!!

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One dark night thunder boomed over the house, a sharp knock hit the door,  I didn’t answer. I sat in the living room waiting for my parents, that had gone on a long trip journey. After several attempts I walked into  the kitchen and saw blood marks on the wall. I dashed back inside as fear [...]

October 22, 2010

Our descriptive writing

We have been working on using a plans effectively to help us use a wider range of writing tools like: similes, metaphors, clauses, punctuation, powerful verbs, carefully chosen adjectives and interesting openers to sentences. Although some pupils haven’t finished yet, here are some descriptions of wild chases that were inspired by the pictures. Description Writing [...]

October 18, 2010

The Street Child!!!!

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I saw the homeless boy sitting on the damp floor with his old teddy. He wore ragged clothes that were dirty and filthy, so i assumed that this diminutive child was isolated. He was surely  wounded from his heart and was desparate for a home . The lonesome child lived under a vandalised bridge that was [...]

October 6, 2010

Describing a place…

My Literacy group have been learning about different techniques that can be used to make description more interesting to read. The pupil produced this voicethread below. Make sure you visit each of the four pictures to hear all the comments. They really tried hard to perform their description by paying particular attention to punctuation they [...]

September 30, 2010

WWll (Blitz)

Whoosh! I heard something going past the house. The sound of sirens deafened me as it cried through the whole town. Bombs hit the ground creating obliteration in the streets.I was petrified, though I had to do it.  Cautiously I opened the door making sure it was all OK.  The view I saw horrified me, so  I stepped outside [...]

September 29, 2010

The Chase !

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Me and my chick were out looking for food near the bush fire, but we couldn’t find any considering we was easily over 200 foot of the ground,so we swooped down closer to the sandy floor hoping to find some sort of  food,as we have not eat for over a week! Suddenly, a brave hidious looking [...]


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In class we have been writing descriptive writing. This is mine. Bravely, I leapt towards the mouse, claws out, ready to strike. It was lucky the first time escaping swiftly away from the trap, however this time I’ll get it. Quietly, I inched towards the diminutive victim, eyes alert, searching. Just then, I saw the [...]

The Chase

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  In class we have been doing descriptive writing, so here is mine, please enjoy. Bravely, I Plunged up and grabbed the sharp, pointy claws-which were as sharp as a chefs knife.Frantically, I caught the eagle’s claws , which really hurt me and i was bleeding, however i still carried on chasing it.As fast as a cheetah , I brung [...]

Baily and Me

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I jumped out the car I knew were I was! The park! hooray! I jumped in joy additionally I barked in joy! BOING-WOOF-BOING-WOOF-BOING-WOOF! The park was very crowded wich was good because people drop food and the more food the more food to be droped! A woman pushing a pram walked by the baby droped an ice [...]

The Chase

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Suddenly i swooped low, i heard vicous screeching in the  distance. Just then, i turned my head as fast as lightning, the ferocious swallows were after me! I flew at rapid speed  , however they always catched up. I had to risk it, it was my only way to survive! I looked both sides of [...]

The Chase

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This week we have been working on a piece of  writing, about a rapid chase, I chose the dogs because they looked like the most action-packed chase.  Swiftly,I dashed round the corner (of Saint Johnsons Street) in that moment…… My tail starteld my enemie, in quick sucsession, he was not stunned for long.Like thunder, I crashed [...]

The Fierce Chase

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  This week we have been learning about descriptive writing and this is what we have done.  At that moment, I froze. Suddenly my body swooped up when just then I was attacked. Looking behind, was the most fierce- some thing I had ever seen. White as a a moon, the cat gripped my back [...]

The Chase

  Stealthily, I,(the diminutive mouse,) crept slowly against the wall. Furthermore, the delicious golden biscuit safely secured in my mouth. Never did I know that someone, or maybe something, was lurking around, ready to pounce on me. Wait, what was that noise? Thump! My heart froze! By the sound it was making, I already knew [...]

The Chase

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We have done descriptive writing about the picture above and here it is… Bravely, I inched upon the mouse, my sharp, pointy claws getting ready to strike. I was waiting for months to catch a cunning mouse, however I couldn‘t. Now I have got the chance, I thought, I swiftly escaped from my dismale trap. [...]

The Chase !

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  We have done descriptive writing on this picture, and here is mine, hope you enjoy it . I, (an immense starving swallow) am hunting a rather diminutive peasant King fisher . Due to him swiftly snatching, my hard earned, succuelent and delicious meal ! Saliva slowly drips down my lips, as I swoop down, [...]

September 28, 2010

Shark vs dog!!!!!!

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I am the dog I am so frightened of the huge shark, as the shark gets closer and closer I can feel all of the water pushing against my puny legs. I start to paddle, faster and faster to try to get a way. I am very nervous because I know I will get eaten by the shark and [...]

September 27, 2010

My description of a Jaguar

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The jaguar stands about 76 cms high and is over 175 metres long.  Its tail can be over 75 centimetres long.  The tawny yellow looking big cat is the second strongest biter in the big cat family.  Its body is made up of  short stocky limbs, thats  helps the jaguar  to swim and climb.  The [...]

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